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Best espresso grinder

July 2, 2015

Probably all of us want a good cup of well tasting espresso. In many ways, coffee grinder plays an important role in getting a good cup of coffee. If we want to grind the coffee for espresso, we need to use fine ground setting, as this setting produces most quality grind. In this way, we will get the particles of the size which is small enough for homemade espresso.

A brief history of espresso

An espresso pioneer is Italian inventor Angelo Moriondo who patent for a steam-driven "instantaneous" coffee beverage making device, which was registered in Turin in 1884. Soon after that, many other people improved that patent and espresso culture has begun. Another notable name is Desiderio Pavoni, who founded the “La Pavoni”, which is the company that produces coffee appliances to the present day. Soon different companies started competing of making the best espresso machine. Other parts of the world espresso started gaining popularity after 2nd world war and today it is the most famous type of coffee. Today there are many companies that produce coffee machines and grinders and many of their products are now made especially for espresso making.

General considerations when choosing an espresso coffee grinder

Choosing an espresso coffee grinder is in many ways similar to choosing a casual coffee grinder. You have to consider similar factors when buying a grinder. But there are some other things to pay attention to. Some coffee grinders are made for espresso - those should have highest priority at your choosing of coffee grinder. Furthermore, you want many steps of adjustments because you do not know what kind of coffee beans you will be dealing with. Different beans might require different adjustments when grinding them in order to produce the fine grind that is needed for espresso. Moreover you want a grinder that will be durable and relatively quiet. This is important because many coffee grinders might get very loud in general. Durability is also always important. I guess there is no need to specifically warn that burr coffee grinders are difinitely a must when considering an espresso grinder; a burr grinder simply won't do!

Other things to consider are wheter it has a doser or not (should not have it - although not any grinder should have it, this is especially undesired for espresso grinders). Porta filters work better as they preserve more flavor. Another thing is bean hopper; if it is airtight, this is definately desirable property. The rest is actually very similar than when looking for the best coffee grinder in general.

It is wise to read some user reviews and online reviews about the product as well before buying it. Just sprecifications might not say enough about quality of the coffee grinder you are buying; users that already bought and tried it might know even better!



When looking for your favorite espresso coffee grinder also look with which machine you are pairing it. If it is from the same company, it usually works better. Otherwise following the guidlines of this guide will help you getting a good quality espresso grinder that you need for your kitchen.

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