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Burr or blade grinder?

July 2, 2015

There are two pes of grinders: blade coffee grinders and burr coffee grinders. Both work exactly how they sound. A blade grinder uses a small blade to smash the coffee into smaller and smaller pieces of grounds. A burr grinder uses either conical or disc burrs to grind the coffee which is between those burrs. One burr is rotating and the other one is not.

new-bladeBlade grinders is that they are not adjustable. You may have a moveable setting on the side of your grinder, but that does not really do much. And so as you grind, or better put smash your coffee, you are going to get grinds that basically get reground over and over again. You will get a grind that will be inconsistent in size. Your brewing method will not really work as you will have many larger chuncks in your grind and therefore the quality of the ground coffee will suffer greatly!

Is a burr grinder a way to go?

Conical-Burr-Grinder-BladeIt is indeed better to use burr grinder. Burr grinders are adjustable and produce a MUCH more consistent grind than blade grinders. As mentioned before, they use two burrs, one stationary and one revolving. The space between these burrs can be adjusted. With this you can control the size of the particles you end up with. Burr coffee grinders therefore actually grind the coffee, unlike blade grinders which just smash it to ever smaller particles. The result is a more consistent grind at the setting you need for your chosen brewing method.


In general burr grinders are more expensive than blade grinders (which is actually logical considered what I have written about blade grinders). So cheap grinders, found in the people's homes usually consist of those blade grinders. You have some relatively cheap burr grinders - manual burr grinders where you have to do everything by hand can be cheap. However they are not very easy to use, since the grinding will take you a lot of energy.


An electric burr coffee grinder offers a range of settings to personalize your coffee experience. Programmable grinders give you the ability to set the fineness level—go extra-fine for drinks such as Turkish coffee, and ease up a bit for a daily brew. When the grinder is finished, simply remove the container and add the freshly ground blend to your coffee maker. For all-in-one convenience, opt for coffee maker with a built-in grinder. Add your beans to the hopper and enjoy a rich cup of coffee in no time. Many of these hybrid appliances give you the choice between brewing coffee from whole beans or a pre-ground selection, so it will never outlive its usefulness.

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